Thursday, June 23, 2011

Im on my way.....

Hmm...... I am 1/2 fifth towards the completion of my ACCA journey.
1/2 fifth is because already sat for the exam but do not know whether can pass the exam.
(hopefully when the result is out den I'm ONE fifth la "finger cross*)

Started this P1 paper by attending part-time class in Kasturi by Marcus Ong
His class is interesting as he will provide many real case studies so that we will understand better.
Besides, his focus is on EXAM TECHNIQUE and not on theory.
No point we memorize textbook material but we couldn't answer the question accordingly.

I appreciate the effort that he "invested" in us.
Wanted to join his P3 class but too bad he does not teach in KL branch.
Hopefully could join his P7 class in NEAR future! :)

NEVER SAY GIVE UP, I SAY, ONCE AGAIN, "NEVER GIVE UP!" (Winston Churchill, 1935, UK Prime Minister/LEADER during World War II)