Thursday, August 20, 2009

SuperBand Live in Msia 010809

I know that tis will be kind off out-dated dy.... but stil wan to blog about them. Their songs although not really familiar but some songs stil have meaningful memories for us. Especially Emil Chow's "朋友Peng You" (Friend in English) because it was my primary graduation song (some kind of auld lang syne). When all of us started to sing this song, our tears started to roll down on our rosy cheeks. EVEN our form teacher Mdm Ser cried T____T (wuwuwuw....) therefore this song is very meaningful to me (i guess to most of the primary school children as well especially on the graduation day !)

Back to topic lah....... so jus enjoy the photos below ^^

Jonathan Lee, Emil Chow, A-Yue and Lo Ta Yu

Before the show starts

The crowd
(surprisingly many uncles & aunties went,cos i thought they wouldn't spend money to concert)

The show begin =)

i like this,got those little little love floating on the screen ^^

The 4 of them

KL Station
(towards ending already)

Shaun, Ni & Me

Myself and the stage ^^

Go home lo.....
(Sunset........ ^^)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 21st Bday - Sunway Sun & Surf Cafe ^^

Continuation of my 21st bday celebration with my family ^^ went to Sunway Sun & Surf Cafe with my family. The food there quite delicious, but i think they have more dessert compared to main course.

Main Course

Beautiful Shot ^^ the white sugar looks like snowflakes

Colourful dessert

Cakes and pudding i guess

Closed up of ice-cream and colourful chocolates
(Yumm Yumm ^^ Slurrrpp)

Chocolate Fondue dipped with marshmallow and fruits

My Family portrait:
Dad & Mom
Me, Myself ^^




and lastly........if u are afraid of super-natural spirit, pls do not scroll down.
AT...... YOUR.........OWN....... RISK !!!!!!!!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

My 21st Bday - Tenji Japanese Buffet

Woo Hoooo...... 21st bday, legal age to do many things already....... ( as in goin to casino & erm...... do meaningful things such as VOTING ^^) Thanks to SaSaCruel, Jess, jlim, DmgTooHigh and last but not least our combo maker babybeer for bringing me to Tenji =P

Start with their dessert ^^ so many varieties....

Yummy.....their chocolate fondue with hazelnut stick =)

The environment is quite nice and quiet, u could enjoy ur meal there ^^

The view of highway with little cars
Myself ^^

Carlsberg's promoter

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream and Tiramisu

Welcome to my stall =P

Tenji with so many 888888888

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Artistic Painting

Im not sure whether u guys notice about this. Along the wall of a parking area (next to Times Square), there are some painting on it. Everytime i passed by, they will automatically attract me to stare at them. I dunno why but really love those painting. They are very special and nice. Personally, i do not like to attend art class since primary school, im not good in art. But surprisingly, i do love those painitng ^^
Their painting mostly based on words. Maybe some simple words but after they painted on the wall, it looks so special. Love their colour matching, shading, highlighting ^^

So, let the photos bellow tell you how creative they are ^^

I love this, they had a well-mixed of colour ^^
They even painted on pillars