Saturday, July 25, 2009

Healthy, Crunchy & Colouful Homemade Salad

Dunno what to have for a bite on Sunday evening? This is what u can try. It's simple, fast and most important HEALTHY !!! ^^ (and also colourful hehe =P) Follow me step by step.

Cut tomatoe into slices, japanese cucumber into cubes and carrot
Green Apple
(*crunchy crunchy)

Ham (so that u will have little "meat taste" ^^)

And this purple cabbage
( sry, i dunno what is its actual name)

And this so call japanese pea
(but u cant eat it like tis)

Must boil it and peel off the outer layer and jus take the pea

Some eggs

Chinese Lettuce

Mix all of them 2gtr
( much ar)

And of course !!!! Cant live without this!!

And some Italian Dressing

Break time.... tis is the egg shell that i peeled without breaking keke ^^

Mix them all 2gtr with the thousand island and italian dressing
AND ta ta ta ta.......
Here you go ^^

Enjoy !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tan Cha House -----> Gilly Cafe

Gosh..... Long time didnt update my blog already !!! As usual... due to midtermssssssssssssss, assignmentssssssssssssss AND THESIS !!! Forget about it, this post will hv something nice to share ^^

Went to Gilly Cafe (Tan Cha House in Cantonese) with family which is nearby to my house last Sunday. Although it is near to my house (not even 5 minutes of walking distance) but i didnt been there for a long time.
Mom likes the lighting in the Cafe.

Especially these two that looked like flower when they are projected on the ceiling.

The Decoration

And this is........
their floor.
(Hv blue lighting along their path way)
French toast, Peanut Butter Toast & Milk Tea

Closed up of the french toast

Can you see the honey... yummy yummy
(But the bread is quite hard)

Marmaid Chicken Rice.
The taste not bad.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Tea Frap, Minced Chicken Sandwich & Sugar Doughnut

Starbucks time AGAIN !!! ^^ Sure cant live without the Green Tea Frap with whipped cream. Yummy Yummy (salivating lah) But this time will introduce new member, the Minced Chicken Sandwich. The taste is nice, wont too hard as they will microwave it before it is served to u.

And also their Sugar Doughnut. I dunno how to descrice the sugar doughnut. Although it is jus a simple doughnut, but its taste is different. U will not feel it is just a simple normal sugar doughnut, it is more than a normal doughnut. (I dunno what am i talking) U should try tat !!! ^^

Enjoy the photos below ^^

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This post will be a meaningful one as it will affect our future generation's destiny.

The recent issue in Malaysia is that the government is going to change the teaching of maths and science back to Bahasa Malaysia. Why would they have this decision? Is it really for the benefit of the future generation or some other reasons? From young, we were taught to NOT TO GIVE UP EASILY during our moral class. I believe this concept is not only taught in Moral class but maybe each family also bring up their children through this concept.

But why this simple concept does not apply in this issue? If the result really is not that convincing or satisfying, why they don't think a better way to improve it? why they run like a chicken or coward?

So, the main purpose of this post is to call upon readers to vote and determine our future generation's destiny. Their future is in your hand!!!

Please go to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's, our ex-prime minister, BLOG (by clicking this link) to vote and to enlighten the Government.

This post is only for my own opinion without any intention to defame any party.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

After so many years.......

After so many years.......
since graduated from high school,
especially "graduated" from St.John,
I've not really done exercises.
Was influnced by dad cos he goes jogging every weekend.
Therefore today woke up kinda early to go for a jog.
Mummy followed as well =)
We went to the garden in my neighbourhood.
The garden was underutilized.
As we reached, i saw only a daddy with a pair of son and daughter.
Not as expected in such a way that a Sunday morning,
as we see in those Hong Kong drama that their garden will full of uncle uncle aunty aunty who will practice their "Tai Chi".
BUT i think that will harld apply in our society.
Because ppl will rather sleep soundly than woke up early in the morning and go for a jog.

I warmed up a little while and started to jog.
Jog.... Jog..... Jog....

After 3 rounds of jog, i started to gasp.....
then i slowed down
and have a slow walk.
Den i change my direction to -----> Swing 秋千 lol
Play a little while and started to jog back ^^
Next, i saw pebbles floor which is for ppl to walk on it.
i took off my shoes and walked on it.
D**N !!! It's PAINFUL!
Mom told me that she heard it somewhere,
if u do not feel painful when u walk on it
that means u don't have sickness.
Does it mean that i hv sickness??????
But i guess anyone who walks on it definately will feel the PAIN.
So.... that's my Sunday monrning.... =)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Barbie Bridal Collection

Hi Hi, hopefully there is stil someone reading my blog. I know that it has been quite some time from my last update. What to do? In final year already, have tons of things need to accomplish such as assignments, mid terms and THESIS !!! HATE HATE HATE !!! Sigh.... forget about it, cant escape from this therefore need to accept it with open heart, maybe we will enjoy the fun of RESEARCH, konon-nya !

This post is about a collection of Barbie in wedding gown and evening gown. I believe many gals will definately love this post not only because of Barbies but also a dress where gal would dream the most ----> Wedding Gown !

Went to Mid Vally last Sunday with mummy and sis. The purpose we went there is actually for home deco exhibition. As we were heading to Mid Vally Exhibition Centre (MVEC), then we saw Wah Chan is having their event. Beside of their booth, there is a collection Barbie. Sis and I were automatically get hypnosis by those Barbies, as if they have a special power that attract us to walk near them and look at them with their pretty pretty gowns. To be frank, they are really NICE ! Those gowns really looked elegant and gorgeous !

The biggest day of your life will be the day you start shopping for wedding dresses and beautiful wedding gowns. All of your life you have dreamed of what you will look like in bridal gowns and the first bridal dresses that you actually put on will thrill you to no end. Wen i was still a little gal, whenever i pass by bridal shop, i will keep staring at those beautiful gowns cos they are too beautiful until you couldn't move ur eye sight away from them.

Below are some photos taken

Was wondering is it possible to bring those gowns into reality?
(I think most probably can as long as you have the magic ingredient ------> MONEY)
Love this ...

and this ...

and even this ...

and not without this ...
(haha...almost all)

Evening Gown Session

Think this Barbie's head doesn't belong to her body because look at her skin tone lol ^^
(they misplaced her head already, poor little thing)

NO touching touching !!!
Look with you eyes, not with your hands !!!

And of course....
Barbies and I ^^

Barbies and Annie
(ooi....people looking at you dy, she oso wanna take picture)

Annie & Melissa

Melissa & Mummy

WOW.... this Barbie really expensive!
RM 648
(because have some red garnets on her ma)

And lastly

(No doubt that she's pretty, but didnt manage to take her face)
PS: Please please please leave your valuable comment in my academic blog ----> as next week is the due date for this assignment already. Leave comment in the post and not in the chatbox. Your cooperation is most APPRECIATED !!!