Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Noble House

These photos have been quietly sat in my lappie for quite some time lol.... At last they can appear and meet ppl ady ^^ Went to Noble House because being invited by uncle to celebrate his half-a-century bday (means 50th burfday la^^)

Starter of the day was freshy & juicy SALMON !!!
yumm yumm ^^
Next was the scallop in the shell and abalone

Cant see clearly? Here's a closed up ^^
(the white one was the scallop)

And this was the goose web with broccoli and abalone
(don't really like this dish as i do not know how to eat or enjoy the goose web,
while for the abalone, erm....not tat nice cos like chewing "rubber" lol ^^)

Cod fish was nice! the gravy was tasty ^^

Big Head Prawn =)

This was the "Thousand Layer" Kuih
Not Bad

Chilled Aloe Vera
(yuck....whose slimy mucus was tat????)

Red Vine
(didnt sip sip any of that cos afraid will have rashes after that)

A bunch of cousinssssssss

Me myself ^^

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Woohoo.... ^^

At LAST...... my exam is over. Can have good sleep for 3 weeks from now. Hmph.......but i doubt.....sure will stick to my lappie til late every nite til hv dark dark circles. (sure la...so long didnt stick to it dy and I MISS my GaMesSSSssss much ^^)

What should i do in these 3 weeks?
What else??????????

Before this, during exam week, i wish the time will pass fast fast.....
But now....i dunno wat can i do during this sem break. will be DEAD & ROTTEN.....
I think i shold have a good rest to regenerate and to prepare for the coming semester because will be very busy and everything will be compressed and need to do everything in a very express way.

Time passes very fast. I left 2 semesters in my Uni life. Oh My Holy God......... Cant imagine tat i will be going down to the field to WORK sooooooooon !!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO WORK !!!!! but i want $$$$$$$$$$$$ haha =D

Why am i so long winded today...lol. will stop here........

Saturday, September 19, 2009

190909 - 999

It's a meaningful day for me......

A very special day....

* 999 *

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Temporary Away

Will be TEMPORARY AWAY for around 3 weeks

Due to my final exam...

SIGH ..... T.T

Wish me LUCK !