Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome back "Hey Hey"

Gee Woon is back to Msia! =) I think the last time i saw her is wen we graduated from secondary, so is around 4years back. Tis time she came back so decided to meet her since i've ntg to do during tis semester break. We went out for 2days so will combine these 2 outings here.

The 1st outing we have Gee, Wai Kwan and I, Foong Li and Li Tyng couldn't make it (sob sob) So, we decided to go for a movie. Before that, we had lunch in a coffee shop. Wen Wai Kwan told Gee the "Wan Tan Mee" is nice, she was sooooOO excited. She said she didnt eat "Wan Tan Mee" for long time ady. So the 3 of us ordered but too bad the "Char Siew" (is it call roasted pork?) habis dijual (sold out), left "Wan Tan" only.

After our lunch, went to Times Square. We watched "Push". The show was ok, but the ah pek beside me was "fishing" during the show. Lol..Funny! 1st time see ppl sleep in the cinema and tat guy was sitting beside me. I pray hard that his head DON'T lean towards me, luckily he didnt, Thank GOD !!!

After the show, we walked around those shops. Imagining US's Times Square, definately very different from Msia's Times Square at least they will not have those shops where RM 25 storewide, i guess. Den saw colourful painting on the wall so Gee say wanna take some photos.

Venica & Melissa

Gee & Mel

Venica (po, what r u doin there o? hey hey ^^)

Cool Gal

The 2nd outing we went to sing Karaoke at Sg. Wang Green Box. Li Tyng and Foong Li couldn't make it again. So left 3 of us + my sis join along as well. La la la la la.... After Karaoke session, is photo taking session.
Ven & Mel


Annie, Melissa, Venica & Hey Hey ^^

Hope will have another gathering where ALL WLTFLGWKP will attend, meet, chat and laugh loudly as if no others are around jus like we were in secondary those days....

Miss those days.......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Primary School SJK (C) Jalan Davidson Gathering + Mdm Ser's Farewell

My modem was down last few days therefore couldn't update my blog. Let's see what have i done for the last few days. Would like to start with a gathering with my primary class mates. We went to The Garden's Italiannies.
Besides that, the main purpose we had this gathering is bcos our form teacher is leaving to vietnam soon for about 2 years. I 've not seen some of them for 9 years since we had graduated from primary. It's a long period! But luckily i went to this gathering if not i will not remember or recognise them even if i bump into them on the street.

The food was ok ok only....Not as expected.

Haha...would like to promote promote abit about their lunch promotion -----> FROM RM 13.90

This is what we gave to our form, a very unique handmade card. The front page is the old hall of our school and a graduation photo of our class.

Compare that old hall to .......... THIS !!! Very big difference huh? Couldn't imagine this is a primary school. Proud to say i'm part of this big family ^^

In the content is the current picture of all of us in 6H class. Therefore our form teacher could compare our look before and after 9 years ^^

Mdm Ser.....wish u all the best ! When u return to Msia after 2 years we shall have another gahtering =)

This is the long table. Can imagine how many ppl attended?

My standard 6 graduation photo. Is a wonderful memory... ^^

Tatata.... Not sure how many attended but can considered many cos they provide us a private area just for us. So was kinda noisy that day,but who cares =)
As long as we laugh, we talk and we share ^^
( Mdm Ser is stil the same.... She arranged our position wen we took tis picture, make us think back those days where she also arranged our position wen we took class photo lol =D)
The Gals....

And lastly..... my best frens during primary school. I cherish those days, laughters & sorrows, ups & downs, that we went through together ^^

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Feature In Restaurant City

Hihi....after the maintenance, found a new feature in the most popular Facebook application in this era -------> Restaurant City (RC) ^^ This is my restaurant layout. I got 50 ^^ for my ..... what to call that thumb, famousness? Whatever....i think it is the max for 50.

ta ta ta ta..... Found a stall at the edge of my restaurant. You can buy your ingredient now in that stall... Finally is it? After waited for so long, at last they hv tis feature. =D Do not need to go through the HECTIC to search for ingredients already ^^ BUT.......... ( there is a BUT )

Those ingredients are so D**N EXPENSIVE. An apple cost u 10000 !!!!! How long it takes u to earn 10000? But it takes u less than 5 second to spend 10000 for buying an apple. Siao siao siao... Why so expensive? Therefore, after the maintenance it makes no difference, stil need to go through the HECTIC HUNTING for ingredient although there's a stall selling ingredients, cos those ingredients are really really really too expensive !!! Unless u really hv lots of $$$ and do not need to spend on decoration then u can buy an apple for 10000 !

Another BUT is that.... they only sell these 3 ingredients which are PRAWN..... CORN...... and APPLE....... (Sigh....why dun sell more? maybe they are stil improving and adding ingredients in it AND also most important is to lower down their selling price, now having recession leh.... hopefully lah)

That's all for the intro of the new feature..... We shall wait and see..........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RED colour fruited durian + A Touching Love Story

Was checking my mail box suddenly saw this subject: "RED colour fruited durian". It caught my attention therefore i clicked on it. When the mail opened,i was stunt cos it's really RED coloured durian. What a world is it now with all kinds of weird weird things happened around us. No wonder there's H1N1 virus spreading around.

This is the RED color durian (will u dare to eat this even if u love durian very much? Cant imagine what will happen if u eat this, maybe there will be another new virus, H2N2 maybe? lol ^^)

There is another mail that i would like to share here. Wen i saw this mail, i was really touched. This 21 years old young lady had cancer. She doesn't have much time left. But her fiance did not leave her alone walking towards the end of her life journey, but he accompanied her. Not only that, he decided to marry her even though he knew that their marriage wouldn't last eternity but he belives that their love WOULD last eternity !
She looks pretty in her wedding gown even with oxygen tube
(i believe that a gal will be the prettiest in her life on her wedding day)

Even suffered for cancer, but there's stil a smile on her face, this tells me to be tough no matter what happen !!!

Life is short
forgive quickly,
kiss passionately,
love truly,
laugh constantly.
And never stop smiling,
no matter how strange life is.
Life is not always the party we expected to be
but as long as we are here,
we should smile and be grateful.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Out

Last Sunday after had my breakfast, went to visit my baby nephew, little Ryan (wuwuwu...old already T.T baby Ryan will call me AUNTY next time). He is sooooo cute and small size. He was sleeping in his Mummy's arm, suddenly he smile while sleeping. Must be having sweet dreams ^^

Yawn ^O^
Why open ur mouth so big huh? Hungry already? Looking for milk? ^^

Stil looking? Lol =)

Cant imagine his dad took this picture, poor Ryan.
(His dad is a die-hard fan of Ryan Giggs until name his baby as Ryan. Will have another MU Fan in future)

After visited Ryan, went to Mid Valley with Mummy and my 2 sisters. As usual while stucked in a traffic jam, take some picture ^^

Dunno why recently really... really... really... no mood to buy clothes although many shops are having sales.... So jus window shoping and looked around. But at least til can get something for dad for this coming Father's Day. lol ^^

Suddenly..... my stomach made some noises..... (exactly like an alarm clock). Then i looked at my watch, it was 7pm already. No wonder lah.... So,we proceed to the car park and left Mid Valley. On the way back home, was thinking wat to eat for dinner.
Ah---Ha--- 7552525 (it was dunno how many centuries ago already loh), opps! It should be 1300-88-2525 ^^ I suggested to have Pizza for our dinner because a Pizza Hut motorcycle passed by Mom's car. Since everyone is tired and lazy to go out for dinner, so Mummy agreed to order Pizza Hut delivery. ( Yeah !!! Bcos Mummy does not like fast food, so wen she agrees to have fast food is like once in a blue moon )

Mummy ordered Hawaiian Supreme and.......

Tuna thin crust (their thin crust not as nice as Domino's)

I'm having my Hawaiian Supreme (yumm CHEESY ^^)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Wet Wet Saturday Day

Woke up late this morning and went for breakfast. (yawn 'o' ) After breakfast, on9 back. OMG !!! I'm addicted already. Everyday just facing my "lappie", play on9 games and check on my blog. (what to do? too free and nothing to do during this semester break) Around noon, get prepared to go to Sg.Wang for my piano lesson.

As usual, it's always jam on my way to town. Why are there so many cars on the road. Imagining will the traffic be as smooth as silk? (STOP dreaming lah, unless I'm the royal family then policemen will escort me). The weather is soooooo D**N hot !!! It's burning my skin. I'm already very TAN, will be more TAN in this sunny, hot & humid weather.

After my piano lesson, went for shopping in Sg.Wang. Don't know why don't hv the mood to buy clothes recently. (good good, can save $$$ ^^) Since nothing to buy so decided to leave already. Too BAD....... *ging gong ging gong* it's THUNDER !!! It's raining. Suppose to be happy cos at last it rains !!! B....U.....T..... i did not bring umbrella. So no choice,need to wait for the rain to stop.

Then Mummy suggested to go to Starbucks for a drink to wait for the rain to stop.
(SURE OK lah... ^^) Then we went to Bukit Bintang Starbucks =)

Green Tea and Caramel both with whipped cream ^^

Green Tea, nice !

Their Cinnamon Donut is nice !!!

So, this is how i passed my Saturday. Will update my blog tml (hopefully) cos going out shopping with Mummy and my sista ^^
ps : didnt manage to snap snap picture today so use back my old pic during Xmas time cos we ordered our same favourite drinks and the Cinnamon donut ^^

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - Look Out Point

Just started blogging....maybe it's abit late...but nvm lah,better than didnt start rite? hehe. For the opening of my blog, let's start with a very meaningful day, which is ...... Mother's day.

Last Sunday, we decided to celebrate Mother's Day in Look Out Point. Mummy heard this place long time ago already but do not have a chance to get there. Since my sis, Annie is at home, so we decided to go there.

Although not familiar with the way and need to ask from those people who is staying in that area, but luckily at last we still managed to get there =) (thanks to those ppl who gave us direction). When Dad was asking for direction, this is the view of sunset (although didnt really see the sun) and before the sky turns dark.

Finally, we reached our destination. (wah...really that far? from sunset til the sky really turn dark ^^)

The place was packed, as usual lah, cos it's a Sunday and also everyone is celebrating Mother's day =)

Wah.....the view is so D**N beautiful and romantic but too bad, KLCC and KL Tower were blocked by the tree.

Watermelon & Carrot Milk

Food of the night, yummy yummy ( we had lamb, chicken and fish with tiger prawn)

Some closed up ( You call that as tiger prawn?!!! Then what you call the actual tiger prawn, elephant prawn? )

After dinner sure must posing posing abit ma....hehe (me and my youngest sis)

Wah....Mummy, really that relaxing? Imagining you are at the top of the world? hehe =)
(but it's really windy up there ^^)


The bill comes, ta ta ta ta...... RM147.95

Now can see KLCC and KL Tower without blocking by tress =) Really a nice place for u to see the night view of KL.

(Continue posing.......)

Annie & Melissa

Melissa & Annie

My brother, Shaun (always get bullied by us lol ^^)

Youngest sis, Ker Ni

Before we leave, saw this BIG eagle ( i think). Kinda scary, isn't it ?

Lastly, i would like to say Happy Mother's Day to my DEAREST MUMMY.....

❤ Love ya ❤

photos taken by photographer Annie