Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Wet Wet Saturday Day

Woke up late this morning and went for breakfast. (yawn 'o' ) After breakfast, on9 back. OMG !!! I'm addicted already. Everyday just facing my "lappie", play on9 games and check on my blog. (what to do? too free and nothing to do during this semester break) Around noon, get prepared to go to Sg.Wang for my piano lesson.

As usual, it's always jam on my way to town. Why are there so many cars on the road. Imagining will the traffic be as smooth as silk? (STOP dreaming lah, unless I'm the royal family then policemen will escort me). The weather is soooooo D**N hot !!! It's burning my skin. I'm already very TAN, will be more TAN in this sunny, hot & humid weather.

After my piano lesson, went for shopping in Sg.Wang. Don't know why don't hv the mood to buy clothes recently. (good good, can save $$$ ^^) Since nothing to buy so decided to leave already. Too BAD....... *ging gong ging gong* it's THUNDER !!! It's raining. Suppose to be happy cos at last it rains !!! B....U.....T..... i did not bring umbrella. So no choice,need to wait for the rain to stop.

Then Mummy suggested to go to Starbucks for a drink to wait for the rain to stop.
(SURE OK lah... ^^) Then we went to Bukit Bintang Starbucks =)

Green Tea and Caramel both with whipped cream ^^

Green Tea, nice !

Their Cinnamon Donut is nice !!!

So, this is how i passed my Saturday. Will update my blog tml (hopefully) cos going out shopping with Mummy and my sista ^^
ps : didnt manage to snap snap picture today so use back my old pic during Xmas time cos we ordered our same favourite drinks and the Cinnamon donut ^^


  1. Doesnt the green tea taste weird? hmm... perhaps i should go try one day