Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Out

Last Sunday after had my breakfast, went to visit my baby nephew, little Ryan (wuwuwu...old already T.T baby Ryan will call me AUNTY next time). He is sooooo cute and small size. He was sleeping in his Mummy's arm, suddenly he smile while sleeping. Must be having sweet dreams ^^

Yawn ^O^
Why open ur mouth so big huh? Hungry already? Looking for milk? ^^

Stil looking? Lol =)

Cant imagine his dad took this picture, poor Ryan.
(His dad is a die-hard fan of Ryan Giggs until name his baby as Ryan. Will have another MU Fan in future)

After visited Ryan, went to Mid Valley with Mummy and my 2 sisters. As usual while stucked in a traffic jam, take some picture ^^

Dunno why recently really... really... really... no mood to buy clothes although many shops are having sales.... So jus window shoping and looked around. But at least til can get something for dad for this coming Father's Day. lol ^^

Suddenly..... my stomach made some noises..... (exactly like an alarm clock). Then i looked at my watch, it was 7pm already. No wonder lah.... So,we proceed to the car park and left Mid Valley. On the way back home, was thinking wat to eat for dinner.
Ah---Ha--- 7552525 (it was dunno how many centuries ago already loh), opps! It should be 1300-88-2525 ^^ I suggested to have Pizza for our dinner because a Pizza Hut motorcycle passed by Mom's car. Since everyone is tired and lazy to go out for dinner, so Mummy agreed to order Pizza Hut delivery. ( Yeah !!! Bcos Mummy does not like fast food, so wen she agrees to have fast food is like once in a blue moon )

Mummy ordered Hawaiian Supreme and.......

Tuna thin crust (their thin crust not as nice as Domino's)

I'm having my Hawaiian Supreme (yumm CHEESY ^^)

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  1. pizza huh... but when i back to malaysia u saw my round round tummy u will not dare to eat pizza and burger so frequent d... haha.... here in usa they even have pizza burger... combination of pizza and burger... lol