Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Primary School SJK (C) Jalan Davidson Gathering + Mdm Ser's Farewell

My modem was down last few days therefore couldn't update my blog. Let's see what have i done for the last few days. Would like to start with a gathering with my primary class mates. We went to The Garden's Italiannies.
Besides that, the main purpose we had this gathering is bcos our form teacher is leaving to vietnam soon for about 2 years. I 've not seen some of them for 9 years since we had graduated from primary. It's a long period! But luckily i went to this gathering if not i will not remember or recognise them even if i bump into them on the street.

The food was ok ok only....Not as expected.

Haha...would like to promote promote abit about their lunch promotion -----> FROM RM 13.90

This is what we gave to our form, a very unique handmade card. The front page is the old hall of our school and a graduation photo of our class.

Compare that old hall to .......... THIS !!! Very big difference huh? Couldn't imagine this is a primary school. Proud to say i'm part of this big family ^^

In the content is the current picture of all of us in 6H class. Therefore our form teacher could compare our look before and after 9 years ^^

Mdm Ser.....wish u all the best ! When u return to Msia after 2 years we shall have another gahtering =)

This is the long table. Can imagine how many ppl attended?

My standard 6 graduation photo. Is a wonderful memory... ^^

Tatata.... Not sure how many attended but can considered many cos they provide us a private area just for us. So was kinda noisy that day,but who cares =)
As long as we laugh, we talk and we share ^^
( Mdm Ser is stil the same.... She arranged our position wen we took tis picture, make us think back those days where she also arranged our position wen we took class photo lol =D)
The Gals....

And lastly..... my best frens during primary school. I cherish those days, laughters & sorrows, ups & downs, that we went through together ^^

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