Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Feature In Restaurant City

Hihi....after the maintenance, found a new feature in the most popular Facebook application in this era -------> Restaurant City (RC) ^^ This is my restaurant layout. I got 50 ^^ for my ..... what to call that thumb, famousness? Whatever....i think it is the max for 50.

ta ta ta ta..... Found a stall at the edge of my restaurant. You can buy your ingredient now in that stall... Finally is it? After waited for so long, at last they hv tis feature. =D Do not need to go through the HECTIC to search for ingredients already ^^ BUT.......... ( there is a BUT )

Those ingredients are so D**N EXPENSIVE. An apple cost u 10000 !!!!! How long it takes u to earn 10000? But it takes u less than 5 second to spend 10000 for buying an apple. Siao siao siao... Why so expensive? Therefore, after the maintenance it makes no difference, stil need to go through the HECTIC HUNTING for ingredient although there's a stall selling ingredients, cos those ingredients are really really really too expensive !!! Unless u really hv lots of $$$ and do not need to spend on decoration then u can buy an apple for 10000 !

Another BUT is that.... they only sell these 3 ingredients which are PRAWN..... CORN...... and APPLE....... (Sigh....why dun sell more? maybe they are stil improving and adding ingredients in it AND also most important is to lower down their selling price, now having recession leh.... hopefully lah)

That's all for the intro of the new feature..... We shall wait and see..........

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