Sunday, November 21, 2010

♥ Photos by LuLu ♥

LuLu is a new family member of mine.
She is only a 2-months-old baby.

Gonna share some of her beautiful shots here.

Gorgeous Lulu

Went to Kiaramas for a pool side party 19/11/2010
The pool is so beautiful. Wish to have a swim in that pool.

Late evening shot from my house.
Cant believe that the sky was so lovely

Edited version
it too

Brought grandparents out for dinner.
They are a pair of lovely couple, how cute! :)

Lastly, i personally this miracle shot the most.
I'll name it ~ the Light of Hope ~ ^^

Here ends my day, Good night :)

P/S: Pls me by clicking on the ads ^^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fair Fair Fair

3 Fairs in just 5 hours
So efficient ^^
Went to PWTC today. Wanted to go to the Beauty Fair but ended up went to all the 3 fairs
which are Beauty Fair, Fotofest and also MATTA fair.

Got "something" from all the 3 Fairs, hoohoo ^^

First is the Beauty Fair
i shaped my eyebrow ಠ_ಠ

Second is the Fotofest
got a new Panasonic LX3 semi-pro cam ♥‿♥

and lastly, went to MATTA Fair
Got many freebies and also have a chance to put on Hanbok, the Korean costume

Melissa @ Korea lol :D

Melissa, the Korean Princess ^^

The Empress & Princess

안녕하세요 An nyoung ha seh yo

Cute little doll ^^

Another set

Have free testing of TTEOKBOKKI
sluuuuuuurpppppp <('o'<)

After Korea then move to Japan.
Huge tree decoration, is it real?

Thailand's turn, amazing Food Carving.
It doesn't look like food at all !!!

Marvelous! Tremendous!

Handicraft made from colour paper
Miraculous! Fantastic!

Stairway to Lady Beauty

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time is LOVE ❤❤❤

What a coincidence! ^^
The slogan in this SOLVIL TITUS ad is almost the same with my blog's name :D

So should Solvil Titus pay me? lol :D
watch the full fideo

Monday, August 30, 2010

(¯`'·.¸(♥)¸.·'´¯) Convocation 21082010 (¯`'·.¸(♥)¸.·'´¯)

Here comes an end (or maybe a break before i continue my ACCA) after so many years of studies. It's my convocation and it's time for me to move on to another stage of life However, i prefer study life, lol where we can enjoy goin to school or uni cos can meet friends, chit-chat and gossip gossip. But now, need to start looking for job and go to work everyday, facing boring stuff everyday. Meeting targets/ deadlines / closing. Sigh...... But what to do, tat's a path that mostly everyone needs to go through. So will face it positively (the main motivation comes from $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) lol ^^

The convocation handbook & my Scroll

Im a Graduand now!!! ^^

Without all the support, i wouldn't have gone this far... Thanks

All the "soldiers" that won this "war"

My soulmates
(thanks for attending and fast fast graduate ^^)

Hooray !!!
All the hard work, sleepless night have finally turned into fruitfulness and memorable moments

Lovely from Lovely People ♥‿♥

All the best to my uni-mates. Wish all of us have a wonderful working life and succeed in our career

Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st interview in KPMG

I really didnt expect to get a call from KPMG for an interview as i submit my interview to them jus for the sake of submitting, lol :D When i received their 1st call, they asked me to upload all the resume to their website. However, i submitted it quite late after tat call, so i thought they will not bother my resume anymore. However, after 2-3 weeks, i received another call from them. They asked me to go for an interview on 10th May. I rejected them as i was having my final paper on that day. So i thought i will not have any chance aldy cos they jus say: "OK."
On 11th May, i received the 3rd call from KPMG again, this time they asked me to go for interview on 13th May, i have no reason to reject them this time so i jus confirmed with them. But im not prepare for interview!!! I was so nervous !!! so i go through their websites, look for info etc bla bla bla......

So this is the reception @ 10th floor.
It was so so so quiet & CLEAN !!!

Path way to meeting rooms

This is the place i the most !!!
The receptionist ask me to get a drink before the interview.
Everything is FOC !!! haha :D

The place that i waited for my turn to be interviewed.

It was a great experience @ KPMG. Can see those auditors walking around, their working environment and the people there.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm a GRADUATE 2010!!!

My final semester exam result is out.
And i passed all the 33 papers in my Uni.

Although i cant achieve my goal,
however i already tried my very very very best to achieve it.
So no regrets !!!

As for now, i am standing at the end of a FORK.
so i gotta really think which way should i go.

Wish me luck !!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally.....I've completed My course in Uni

These are the view of my Uni from my Rented Room.
It is jus opposite.
It's ard 3 minutes walk from my Rented Condo to my Uni.
So wen 8am class, i can wake up at 7.40am and get my self prepared and walk to school.
Haha.... =D

UTAR Sg.Long

(Faculty of Accountancy and Management)

Sungai Long

UTAR @ Sg.Long

I've been waiting for this day to arrive.
However, wen it has arrived, i dun feel any excitement.
Kinda contradictory is it? haha

Cos after graduate, gotta face many new things.
Need to apply for job or continue my studies?

If work, den need to go through all the hassle such as:
Designing a Good CV,
Submit it on9 or by mail
and lastly need to go for interview.
That would be the most scary part before getting ur job.

Even after u got ur job, u need to face the new working environment,
the new ppl, ur responsible area and so on.......

Wen continue studies, gotta make new friends there.
need to prepare for assignments, test and so on.....

Sigh...... Why is there many choices that we need to make in LIFE?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sakae Sushi..... =)

Mom decided to bring us for dinner at Sakae Sushi @ Leisure Mall.Yummy Yummy.... I love Sushi and Japanese food!!!! kaka... Im craving for it!

Ordering through the monitor (self-service)

Cant say No to Sakae Sushi ^^

Chawanmushi (the Cawan is so nice, has Sakura print on it)
California Temaki

Yum Yum =)
Sooooooo Delicious ^^

This is juicy and fresh Salmon Salad.
(u can see how juicy it is from the photo)

Another favorite, Fried Maki

This is the special menu for CNY
the Fa Cai Blosoom.
It has Mandarin orange in it.

Another favorite, Kakiage.
Love the sweet gravy

Chicken Shiogayaki

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Kanpyo Maki

Sis & Bro Maki... lol

Muachi ^^ Yummy
(Yam, Pandan & Lotus flavor)

After the Sushi War

Sakae Soft Toy & I