Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fair Fair Fair

3 Fairs in just 5 hours
So efficient ^^
Went to PWTC today. Wanted to go to the Beauty Fair but ended up went to all the 3 fairs
which are Beauty Fair, Fotofest and also MATTA fair.

Got "something" from all the 3 Fairs, hoohoo ^^

First is the Beauty Fair
i shaped my eyebrow ಠ_ಠ

Second is the Fotofest
got a new Panasonic LX3 semi-pro cam ♥‿♥

and lastly, went to MATTA Fair
Got many freebies and also have a chance to put on Hanbok, the Korean costume

Melissa @ Korea lol :D

Melissa, the Korean Princess ^^

The Empress & Princess

안녕하세요 An nyoung ha seh yo

Cute little doll ^^

Another set

Have free testing of TTEOKBOKKI
sluuuuuuurpppppp <('o'<)

After Korea then move to Japan.
Huge tree decoration, is it real?

Thailand's turn, amazing Food Carving.
It doesn't look like food at all !!!

Marvelous! Tremendous!

Handicraft made from colour paper
Miraculous! Fantastic!

Stairway to Lady Beauty

1 comment:

  1. which flight u took? can go so places in one day LOL.

    Anyway u look great in the koreon costume!