Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally.....I've completed My course in Uni

These are the view of my Uni from my Rented Room.
It is jus opposite.
It's ard 3 minutes walk from my Rented Condo to my Uni.
So wen 8am class, i can wake up at 7.40am and get my self prepared and walk to school.
Haha.... =D

UTAR Sg.Long

(Faculty of Accountancy and Management)

Sungai Long

UTAR @ Sg.Long

I've been waiting for this day to arrive.
However, wen it has arrived, i dun feel any excitement.
Kinda contradictory is it? haha

Cos after graduate, gotta face many new things.
Need to apply for job or continue my studies?

If work, den need to go through all the hassle such as:
Designing a Good CV,
Submit it on9 or by mail
and lastly need to go for interview.
That would be the most scary part before getting ur job.

Even after u got ur job, u need to face the new working environment,
the new ppl, ur responsible area and so on.......

Wen continue studies, gotta make new friends there.
need to prepare for assignments, test and so on.....

Sigh...... Why is there many choices that we need to make in LIFE?

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