Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sakae Sushi..... =)

Mom decided to bring us for dinner at Sakae Sushi @ Leisure Mall.Yummy Yummy.... I love Sushi and Japanese food!!!! kaka... Im craving for it!

Ordering through the monitor (self-service)

Cant say No to Sakae Sushi ^^

Chawanmushi (the Cawan is so nice, has Sakura print on it)
California Temaki

Yum Yum =)
Sooooooo Delicious ^^

This is juicy and fresh Salmon Salad.
(u can see how juicy it is from the photo)

Another favorite, Fried Maki

This is the special menu for CNY
the Fa Cai Blosoom.
It has Mandarin orange in it.

Another favorite, Kakiage.
Love the sweet gravy

Chicken Shiogayaki

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Kanpyo Maki

Sis & Bro Maki... lol

Muachi ^^ Yummy
(Yam, Pandan & Lotus flavor)

After the Sushi War

Sakae Soft Toy & I

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  1. ur sis de oh, look like veri cutie, keke~~