Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st interview in KPMG

I really didnt expect to get a call from KPMG for an interview as i submit my interview to them jus for the sake of submitting, lol :D When i received their 1st call, they asked me to upload all the resume to their website. However, i submitted it quite late after tat call, so i thought they will not bother my resume anymore. However, after 2-3 weeks, i received another call from them. They asked me to go for an interview on 10th May. I rejected them as i was having my final paper on that day. So i thought i will not have any chance aldy cos they jus say: "OK."
On 11th May, i received the 3rd call from KPMG again, this time they asked me to go for interview on 13th May, i have no reason to reject them this time so i jus confirmed with them. But im not prepare for interview!!! I was so nervous !!! so i go through their websites, look for info etc bla bla bla......

So this is the reception @ 10th floor.
It was so so so quiet & CLEAN !!!

Path way to meeting rooms

This is the place i the most !!!
The receptionist ask me to get a drink before the interview.
Everything is FOC !!! haha :D

The place that i waited for my turn to be interviewed.

It was a great experience @ KPMG. Can see those auditors walking around, their working environment and the people there.

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