Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome back "Hey Hey"

Gee Woon is back to Msia! =) I think the last time i saw her is wen we graduated from secondary, so is around 4years back. Tis time she came back so decided to meet her since i've ntg to do during tis semester break. We went out for 2days so will combine these 2 outings here.

The 1st outing we have Gee, Wai Kwan and I, Foong Li and Li Tyng couldn't make it (sob sob) So, we decided to go for a movie. Before that, we had lunch in a coffee shop. Wen Wai Kwan told Gee the "Wan Tan Mee" is nice, she was sooooOO excited. She said she didnt eat "Wan Tan Mee" for long time ady. So the 3 of us ordered but too bad the "Char Siew" (is it call roasted pork?) habis dijual (sold out), left "Wan Tan" only.

After our lunch, went to Times Square. We watched "Push". The show was ok, but the ah pek beside me was "fishing" during the show. Lol..Funny! 1st time see ppl sleep in the cinema and tat guy was sitting beside me. I pray hard that his head DON'T lean towards me, luckily he didnt, Thank GOD !!!

After the show, we walked around those shops. Imagining US's Times Square, definately very different from Msia's Times Square at least they will not have those shops where RM 25 storewide, i guess. Den saw colourful painting on the wall so Gee say wanna take some photos.

Venica & Melissa

Gee & Mel

Venica (po, what r u doin there o? hey hey ^^)

Cool Gal

The 2nd outing we went to sing Karaoke at Sg. Wang Green Box. Li Tyng and Foong Li couldn't make it again. So left 3 of us + my sis join along as well. La la la la la.... After Karaoke session, is photo taking session.
Ven & Mel


Annie, Melissa, Venica & Hey Hey ^^

Hope will have another gathering where ALL WLTFLGWKP will attend, meet, chat and laugh loudly as if no others are around jus like we were in secondary those days....

Miss those days.......

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