Monday, June 1, 2009

The Day that we have been waiting for has finally ARRIVED !!!

Yay, the day has finally arrived -------> St. John National Competition. It was one of our dreams, my team's dream to enter to National Comp. Although we couldn't make it, BUT....... our juniors have finally won the competition and representing Malaysia to compete in Singapore as informed by CS. Proud of them !!!! I believe that all the hard work they have been through for sure it is worth it !!!

Think back the days we had our training right after our class, we were given less than half an hour to change into our training attire, same T, same socks and same shoes. IF we late for the training, den we need to do push up for the punishment. Before the training starts, we need to warm up which consist of running around the Bangsal (can considered as Multipurpose Hall), field or tennis court for dunno how many rounds, if not mistaken 100 sit ups and 200 push ups.

After tat the training begins....... Foot drill (squad kanan lurus.....), short case (no.3 control crowd, no.4 call for ambulance, no.2 assist me, squad clear? Squad Approach! ) and home nursing. And of course.... would like to THANK Uma, our trainer. Although she is very straight, but she's willing to teach us and we enter the competition is also a way to fulfill her dream bcos her year has no NC team to participate in State Comp. Those are the days that we really train, laugh, cry and do those tricky tricky things togehter. Can you imagine that the 5 of us walk in a line to any where we go with same foot steps, same hair style and EVEN same undergarments. (This is totally INSANE !!!) But i did not regret to go through all that, moreover i fell lucky and proud to have those experience. (didnt regret to get my tanned skin from the training).

Congrats to CCC where used to be CRS CC!!! ^^
The Ambulance Cadet (AC) & Nursing Cadet (NC)

Yeah..... One big family ! ^^
Dun ever MESS with Cochrane Combined Cadet !!!

The NC's..... Really proud of u guys and keep on fighting.
Continue the COCHRANE SPIRIT !!!

Ex-Seniors are so delighted and excited with the trophies in their hands =)

Our CCC throphies !!!
( KC, wat r u searching for? )

We come from the greatest school..We come from Cochrane..!!


  1. hmm u r from segamat? yes, i was there at the national comp that morning too :). Congrats again team Johor :)

  2. Team Johor? They are from KL.

  3. first time here. congrats to you and your team. =]