Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Academic Blog

This semester has a subject -------> E-Commerce
My coursemate and I need to form a group of 4 members and start blogging.
We are required to post some important and useful information in the blog about E-Commerce.

Besides that, we need appropriate and constructive comments from our readers about our post in order to get a better grade.
From there then we are evaluated by our tutor.

Therefore, would like to request you guys to visit this *blog* and leave ur "valuable" comment.
* Ur "VALUABLE" comment is MOST appreciated !!!!!! ^^


  1. the post about the appreciation does reminding us about the devotion of our soldiers.

    my suggestion is putting a more attractive picture will draw more attention.

    P.S.: All the best to ur E-Commerce assignment ^_^

  2. i was here`

    i'll return here again to learn more about e-commerce.

    this is surely an educative blog.

  3. Actually not tis blog. tis is my personal blog. U can visit ecommercechangetheworld.blogspot.com if u want to know more about E-Commerce ^^

  4. i know,
    i will left comments,keke,
    dun worry...

    if comment not nice,
    u all dun approve.wuakaka

  5. lol.....okok ^^
    thanks alot =)