Friday, June 19, 2009

Fishy Fishy 130609

Fishy Fishy......Fish Leong. Yes, it was Fish Leong live in Malaysia concert held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. Although I'm not her fan, but i do listen to her song. She is crowned as the Queen of love song. No doubt that her song is nice ! But this post will not have many descriptions, more on photos taken during the concert ya ^^

*Ding Ding* for sure u saw this advertisement in TV - Intimate ^^
The stage. Looked simple

Me with the stage

Audience with lights on

*click* lights off

The concert began......

yah, she's right inside the present box

Love Fish. Do I? lol =X
Maybe cos i eat FISH haha ^^

Little Cupid as the theme is "Today is Valentine's Day"

Closed up

Some flowery design appeared on the big screen

Love Love Love <3>

Invited Guest -----> Michael Wong

Some clearer photos

After the concert, there were 2 huge-gigantic dog lying on the floor with their saliva ard!!! (YUCK YUCK YUCK, it smells !!!)

Dunno what's the point the owner brought them. For display? Or bring them to watch concert as well? lol =D

So that's all for this post


  1. yeah.I got no chance to go to her concert
    but i saw her once two years ago in alexis ampang...
    erm..she is pretty

  2. Yeah....she's pretty !
    hopefully these photos able to let u feel the environment there ^^

  3. I've never actually heard a Fish Leong song.

  4. Then u should be listenning starting from now =)