Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daidomon Japanese Buffet

On Friday, i was told that will celebrate Teng Kuang's birthday, 21st bday wo....sure most support support ma...hehe. Wen Tzy Meng and Jess fetched us, we were told to celebrate his bday in Daidomon where I've never been there before. Wen we reached Menara ING, i saw Daidomon's banner. WAH......... it's a japanese buffet restaurant !!!!!!!!! my favourite japanese food. Wahaha..... So excited ^^

The main Entrance of Daidomon

irashaimase いらしゃいます (welcome)

Daidomom's 27th Anniversary promotion

Teng Kuang's BIG day....

His Bday cake (yumm yumm strudel cake)

Daidomon's food. ( Salivating....... Slurrp Slurrp)

See..... I'm busy barbeque-ing ( Don't disturb lah...... ^^)

The wine bottle is actually for decoration but don't care lah.... Jus took it for posing posing =P

Me with the little Japanese Doll
Little little tiny dolls and their pinggan mangkuk

Their decoration with those Japanese plates, bowls, chopsticks and dolls.

Lastly...... "pu liu kuen........."
The Dragon Ball ^^


  1. environment seem very nice,
    luckly u din put a lot of food picture,
    if not i ll very hungry after read ur blog,keke

  2. Lol...The food there is nice ! ^^ Can go to hv a try =)

  3. Random but I'M A MELISSA TOO (: (:

    Nice blogskin BTW.