Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hungry ghost haunted in Malacca

Ya....i considered myself as a hungry ghost tat day wen i were in Malacca cos i ate non if didnt eat for dunno how many decades. The 1st week of new sem,as usual Tzy Meng & Jess suggested to go to Malacca since it's the 1st week and it's the most free time during the whole semester or even the whole year 3 of our Uni life, i would say. Therefore i tagged along as well^^ (this post is a little outdated cos now only post it, but nvm lah)

The 1st thing we hunted for was the Famous Chicken Rice Ball definately! It was a long queue! As informed, you need to queue for nice food everywhere in Malacca, no matter rain or shine!

Hau Kee Chicken Rice that was recommended by Ho Chiak!
Chicken Rice Ball, White Chicken and also Asam fish

After filling up the hunger, we went to have a walk in Jonker Street where all the shops selling different kind of things are located at the both side of the street. A shop catched my attention and i went in. It sells handicraft that is twisted into shape of transormers and your names. But it is not allowed to take photos in that shop. No no...should be not allowed to take photos in most of the shops in Jonker Street.

The photo was curi curi taken without being noticed by the owner
(why so kiam siap o? nice things must share 2gtr ma, moreover help u promoting now wo... lol, kidding =P)

After that, went to a shop or should it say a house of those baba & nyonya for laksa and cendol.
(Queue up AGAIN.....) This is a house that makes me think of the singaporean show "Little Nyonya" ^^

Yeah..... yum yum cendol. As the weather was very hot, tis is the best killer for thirst!

A closed up of the cendol.

The laksa. Jus look at this photo makes me wanna go back to Malacca to have another bowl or even 2!!!

Next.... Went to the most famous fortress and everyone will thought of it went mention Malacaca----> A Famosa.

At the top, we saw this "tiang" and "Eye on Malaysia/Malacca"
(The tiang will carry ppl and reach the top to look at the view of whole Malacca)

Next Next.....went to the famous Satay Celup Restoran ----> Restoran Capitol Satay
(accodring to those notice pasted on their wall, they have no brothers and sisters which mean that they do not have branches, do not get cheated by other satay celop shops)

(Queueing up AGAIN.......)

Finally..... It's our turn after 1hour of queue!!!

Their Special-Secret-Own Made satay celup sauce.

Celup celup....^^

This was the total of satay celups wat we had eaten.

The war after hungry ghost fighted for food.....

Some other "ghost" visited the satay celup restaurant such as the Lims, Tun Ling and also actors and actresses of Iron Lady
(no offence ya, do not catch me under ISA, words used are for illustration purposses ^^)

Who can challenge this 2 typical hungry ghost?
For girl, the record is 82 sticks.
For guy, the record is 182 sticks.
(according to the boss, who ever that can break the record then can get that meal free!
Make sure you do not give up half way...if not u will need to pay for it lol ^^)
Right after the Celup Celup thing, we "haunted" another stall
"O Ah Jian"

Spicy and Original

This was my experience of a one day trip in Malacca.......

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  1. wahhh nice...must visit melaka one of these days