Friday, June 12, 2009

I wonder is it 999 roses there? ummm....

Was browsing through my pictures that saved in my lappie cos too boring. Suddenly i saw below these few photos. So i decided to post this blog regarding these ROSES. These roses were actually belonged to mummy's colleague. Since she was out of office, so mummy curi curi took a few photos cos i believe she hasn't received so many roses before (not romantic daddy!)

Wah.... It's really HUGE !!! I think tat guy must has done something wrong to the gal cos according to paparazzi ----> Mummy, there is a card with a message "Please take me back" ( For SURE that guy has done something very wrong!!! GAL, must not fall into this trap!!!)
But those ROSES are really beautiful !!! I wish i could receive such a huge bouquet of ROSES one day^^

Some closed up of the roses. Was wondering how much it cost such a huge bouquet of roses, RM300++? I don't know and I wouldn't want to know lol =D

The wrappers. Nice combination of colour, so sweet ^^

Can see clearly every layer.....

To the GAL, jus take the flowers.... dun take him ^^
(S0 bad! =P)

Mummy with the huge ROSES ^^
Really Huge and Heavy

Mummy....wait for me, wait til i earn much much money den u can carry your very own
999 ROSES !!!


  1. Roses are a beauty! And I doubt there are 999 roses...I'm sure the shop will cheat us

  2. i feel that impossible 999 roses leh. 99 roses still possible la. haha..