Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - Look Out Point

Just started blogging....maybe it's abit late...but nvm lah,better than didnt start rite? hehe. For the opening of my blog, let's start with a very meaningful day, which is ...... Mother's day.

Last Sunday, we decided to celebrate Mother's Day in Look Out Point. Mummy heard this place long time ago already but do not have a chance to get there. Since my sis, Annie is at home, so we decided to go there.

Although not familiar with the way and need to ask from those people who is staying in that area, but luckily at last we still managed to get there =) (thanks to those ppl who gave us direction). When Dad was asking for direction, this is the view of sunset (although didnt really see the sun) and before the sky turns dark.

Finally, we reached our destination. (wah...really that far? from sunset til the sky really turn dark ^^)

The place was packed, as usual lah, cos it's a Sunday and also everyone is celebrating Mother's day =)

Wah.....the view is so D**N beautiful and romantic but too bad, KLCC and KL Tower were blocked by the tree.

Watermelon & Carrot Milk

Food of the night, yummy yummy ( we had lamb, chicken and fish with tiger prawn)

Some closed up ( You call that as tiger prawn?!!! Then what you call the actual tiger prawn, elephant prawn? )

After dinner sure must posing posing abit ma....hehe (me and my youngest sis)

Wah....Mummy, really that relaxing? Imagining you are at the top of the world? hehe =)
(but it's really windy up there ^^)


The bill comes, ta ta ta ta...... RM147.95

Now can see KLCC and KL Tower without blocking by tress =) Really a nice place for u to see the night view of KL.

(Continue posing.......)

Annie & Melissa

Melissa & Annie

My brother, Shaun (always get bullied by us lol ^^)

Youngest sis, Ker Ni

Before we leave, saw this BIG eagle ( i think). Kinda scary, isn't it ?

Lastly, i would like to say Happy Mother's Day to my DEAREST MUMMY.....

❤ Love ya ❤

photos taken by photographer Annie

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