Saturday, September 26, 2009

Woohoo.... ^^

At LAST...... my exam is over. Can have good sleep for 3 weeks from now. Hmph.......but i doubt.....sure will stick to my lappie til late every nite til hv dark dark circles. (sure long didnt stick to it dy and I MISS my GaMesSSSssss much ^^)

What should i do in these 3 weeks?
What else??????????

Before this, during exam week, i wish the time will pass fast fast.....
But now....i dunno wat can i do during this sem break. will be DEAD & ROTTEN.....
I think i shold have a good rest to regenerate and to prepare for the coming semester because will be very busy and everything will be compressed and need to do everything in a very express way.

Time passes very fast. I left 2 semesters in my Uni life. Oh My Holy God......... Cant imagine tat i will be going down to the field to WORK sooooooooon !!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO WORK !!!!! but i want $$$$$$$$$$$$ haha =D

Why am i so long winded will stop here........

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