Saturday, July 4, 2009

After so many years.......

After so many years.......
since graduated from high school,
especially "graduated" from St.John,
I've not really done exercises.
Was influnced by dad cos he goes jogging every weekend.
Therefore today woke up kinda early to go for a jog.
Mummy followed as well =)
We went to the garden in my neighbourhood.
The garden was underutilized.
As we reached, i saw only a daddy with a pair of son and daughter.
Not as expected in such a way that a Sunday morning,
as we see in those Hong Kong drama that their garden will full of uncle uncle aunty aunty who will practice their "Tai Chi".
BUT i think that will harld apply in our society.
Because ppl will rather sleep soundly than woke up early in the morning and go for a jog.

I warmed up a little while and started to jog.
Jog.... Jog..... Jog....

After 3 rounds of jog, i started to gasp.....
then i slowed down
and have a slow walk.
Den i change my direction to -----> Swing 秋千 lol
Play a little while and started to jog back ^^
Next, i saw pebbles floor which is for ppl to walk on it.
i took off my shoes and walked on it.
D**N !!! It's PAINFUL!
Mom told me that she heard it somewhere,
if u do not feel painful when u walk on it
that means u don't have sickness.
Does it mean that i hv sickness??????
But i guess anyone who walks on it definately will feel the PAIN.
So.... that's my Sunday monrning.... =)

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  1. hahah! you made me realize i haven't jog for a while :D