Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tan Cha House -----> Gilly Cafe

Gosh..... Long time didnt update my blog already !!! As usual... due to midtermssssssssssssss, assignmentssssssssssssss AND THESIS !!! Forget about it, this post will hv something nice to share ^^

Went to Gilly Cafe (Tan Cha House in Cantonese) with family which is nearby to my house last Sunday. Although it is near to my house (not even 5 minutes of walking distance) but i didnt been there for a long time.
Mom likes the lighting in the Cafe.

Especially these two that looked like flower when they are projected on the ceiling.

The Decoration

And this is........
their floor.
(Hv blue lighting along their path way)
French toast, Peanut Butter Toast & Milk Tea

Closed up of the french toast

Can you see the honey... yummy yummy
(But the bread is quite hard)

Marmaid Chicken Rice.
The taste not bad.


  1. the deco is nice,
    but the food is normal ehh...oldtown also got


  2. u tried b4? haha ^^
    ya lo, the toast quite hard.