Saturday, July 25, 2009

Healthy, Crunchy & Colouful Homemade Salad

Dunno what to have for a bite on Sunday evening? This is what u can try. It's simple, fast and most important HEALTHY !!! ^^ (and also colourful hehe =P) Follow me step by step.

Cut tomatoe into slices, japanese cucumber into cubes and carrot
Green Apple
(*crunchy crunchy)

Ham (so that u will have little "meat taste" ^^)

And this purple cabbage
( sry, i dunno what is its actual name)

And this so call japanese pea
(but u cant eat it like tis)

Must boil it and peel off the outer layer and jus take the pea

Some eggs

Chinese Lettuce

Mix all of them 2gtr
( much ar)

And of course !!!! Cant live without this!!

And some Italian Dressing

Break time.... tis is the egg shell that i peeled without breaking keke ^^

Mix them all 2gtr with the thousand island and italian dressing
AND ta ta ta ta.......
Here you go ^^

Enjoy !


  1. 那个紫色的。也是叫包菜。

  2. wow.. it looks yummy. u made it urself? when do u treat me this? haha

  3. Jing Yi: ya, i think it's call 包菜 ^^

    Vinsanity: Lol =P im not the one who do all this,my job is jus standing aside and snap snap picture keke ^^

  4. looks yummy.. nice on adding some eggs and meat