Saturday, August 1, 2009

Artistic Painting

Im not sure whether u guys notice about this. Along the wall of a parking area (next to Times Square), there are some painting on it. Everytime i passed by, they will automatically attract me to stare at them. I dunno why but really love those painting. They are very special and nice. Personally, i do not like to attend art class since primary school, im not good in art. But surprisingly, i do love those painitng ^^
Their painting mostly based on words. Maybe some simple words but after they painted on the wall, it looks so special. Love their colour matching, shading, highlighting ^^

So, let the photos bellow tell you how creative they are ^^

I love this, they had a well-mixed of colour ^^
They even painted on pillars


  1. u very free lo,
    go take so many pictures summore,

    when u wan go paint also? =)

  2. yeah that one have a well-mixed colour. love it too.