Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Tea Frap, Minced Chicken Sandwich & Sugar Doughnut

Starbucks time AGAIN !!! ^^ Sure cant live without the Green Tea Frap with whipped cream. Yummy Yummy (salivating lah) But this time will introduce new member, the Minced Chicken Sandwich. The taste is nice, wont too hard as they will microwave it before it is served to u.

And also their Sugar Doughnut. I dunno how to descrice the sugar doughnut. Although it is jus a simple doughnut, but its taste is different. U will not feel it is just a simple normal sugar doughnut, it is more than a normal doughnut. (I dunno what am i talking) U should try tat !!! ^^

Enjoy the photos below ^^


  1. i like ur display pic,
    look cool n nice~

    but how much the green tea frap cost u?

  2. The Green Tea Frap is delicious !!! ^^
    It cost around 15++

  3. green tea frap is not my cup of tea but is minched chicken sandwich is the one that looks like a burger? looks yummy. oh, i love the sugar doughnut too.