Wednesday, February 16, 2011

14.02.2011 The ❤day

On this very special day for every couple (mmmm..... is it? I Guess so), everywhere is full of
Facebook (the homepage were jammed up with ly and sweet messages wishing everyone)
Radio Station (on this special day, DJs played many wonderful songs) etc....

This ly day was on a Monday which i have my ACCA night class. Before i went for my class, I went to Times Square alone. I saw many ly couple were walking around. Some were holding ly flowers, huge teddy bear, pressie, and their fingers intertwined tightly to each other. What a ly scene

However, there were some couples which just sitting down by the benches and chit-chatted with each other. Some of them snap photos in order to remember this ly moment. I felt happy for them. During that time, i suddenly thought off is there anyone which hated this day. Mmmm.... my answer would be YES.

From my point of view, i think..... those single people which do not have partners would hate this day as it particularly evokes them that they are alone. Wherever they go, they can see pairs of ly couple. Even they do not step out from the house, FB, radio stations would have reminded them.

Other than that, even they are couples but they couldn't celebrate this day together for some particular reason..... But i believe their HEART would still be sticking to each other!

Therefore i believe in 3 things:

1st - For those that found their loved ones.... please treasure them!!! There would be no second chance if this relationship is broken

2nd - If you really someone, everyday would be Valentine's Day for both of you

3rd - If you are alone now, I believe in the near future you will find your Mr. Right / Miss Right. Strongly believe that!!! Must have faith!!!

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