Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phone out of Credit??? Desperate to buy Game Cash???

Hah this is the right place to come. There's a cool place where u can just reload your mobile phone credit and buy game cash with just one click. I found it SUPER DUPER 'TRIPER' HYPER CONVENIENT!!! I do not need to go through the hassle hunting for 7-11 to buy a reload coupon when I need to call out so badly while my phone is out of $$$$$. And the good thing is i can collect seeds from this cute pigeon whereby it could be redeemed into credit next time ^^ (7-11 reload coupon does not give me seeds T_T)

So this is what i did and will always do from now onwards :)

First: Just go to Pigeon Reload (click on the "PIGEON RELOAD" to link to that site) to create an account. The site is cute ^^ ♥♥♥

This is how the main page looks

Second: Go to the "RELOAD" tab to fill in your details such as your telco service provider and most importantly is your PHONE NUMBER. (you can even reload for your loved ones especially guys!! Pls reload for you GF!!! gals: *high5* )

Third: Proceed with fund transfer to the account provided in the site (either Public Bank or Maybank). It's easy where nowadays people is using e-banking services including me *wink*
And your are done!!!

Cute banners found from the site, really them.

Hope this post is beneficial to you guys and enjoy collecting "seeds" :)
Kindly visit their Facebook page for more details and updates

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