Monday, October 19, 2009

Broga Hill

A new semester has started...... The hectic, busy, stress life will begin soon..... Therefore I need to manage my time well to face all the assignments, midterms and thesis. Before that, i did something healthy and meaningful with my family during last weekend, which is we went to Broga Hill. Heard of this place before, heard that it is a very beautiful place, u can see the view and scenery clearly.

Therefore, mummy decided to bring all of us there and experience it. Woke up quite early, around 7am. Wen everyone was ready, we left the house. On the way to Broga, there were oil palm planted along road side, hardly see them in KL. We had Roti Canai and Teh Tarik as our light breakfast cos afraid that we will faint on the way up to the peak.

Wen we arrived, saw many ppl there. Most of them were preparing to leave that place. So can u imagine wat time they started to hike up to the peak? (should be early in the morning when the sky is stil dark......) We followed the path and hike to the peak. I think we took around 45 minutes to reach the first peak. There are 3 peaks in total, but we oni manage to reach the 1st one as everyone was exhausted !!! Below are some photos taken.

What a beautiful scenery ^^
Long way to go

Im on my way.... wait for me

Beautiful !

This is the path to reach the 1st peak.
(stairway to Broga ^^)

Yeah! Finally i make it !!! =)

After seeing this beautiful scenery, i think it is worth to hike up
although it is difficult

Nice morning SUN!

Wen we were going to descend, I saw these group of people
were actually picking up rubbish or trash.
I was touched. They are the one who really loves the environment.
When a nice place like tis is getting famous, more and more people will go there.
In the same time, the place will be polluted.
Therefore, i hereby URGE people to have some sense of environment friendly
and please do not litter there.
Or else, these beautiful places will be getting lesser and lesser !


  1. nice place~~ las time i saw my fren's photo at broga also very beautiful,


  2. yaya, the place there very nice! ^^
    if hv chance u can go there oso o =)