Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pasta Zanmai ^^

It was my first time dining in Pasta Zanmai. The taste was GREAT !!! *slurp slurp
It is the fusion of Japanese and Western food. The ambient is quite comfortable.
Nothing much to say, so let the picture below to tell u ^^

A basket of spoon, fork and chopstick
and also salt, pepper & tabasco on the table
A pot of green tea

Special effect taken by Annie (*my sis) ^^

Here's another one

A little spicy chicken with pasta
(forgotten its name cos toooooo delicios =P yumm yumm)

Scallop Pizza
*crunchy ^^

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta

Delicious sushi

Definately will go there for 2nd time, anyone joining? ^^


  1. which outlet u go?sunway ya...i haven go try neh, nice to eat? keke

  2. I went to MidValley's branch.
    Delicious! ^^ wen u been there once, definately will go there again de, haha =)