Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pre-Graduation Photo Taking @ 09.11.09

Yesterday had my Pre-Grad photo taking..... where everyone dressed smartly and looked so professional. Well, all of us will be the future accountant (*hopefully, finger-crossing).

Time flies..... flashed back wen I 1st came to UTAR FAM. That time busy looking for condo to rent, find housemates, roomates, find technician (as usual streamyx need to keep calling) etc...
Go through every semester, assignments, mid-terms, presentations, final exams, results and sem breaks. And now, im left with 2 more semesters and that's it, it's graduation time in 7 months down the road.......

I DONT wan to graduate so soon....
I DONT wan to go to the corporate world so soon....
I DONT wan to face office politics so soon...
I WANT to play...
I WANT to have flexible time...
But what to do???? We need to move on.... That's a long journey.....

These are some of the photos taken. It will be a precious memory for all of us ^^

Me Myself with Harry Portter robe ^^

My thesis mate
(hopefully we will have the same smile after VIVA )

My beloved classrep ^^

Do we looked pro? lol =D

Posing posing abit ^^

My guild leader DMGtooHigh haha

"PROUDLY" present to u, UTAR
(aka University Tak Ada Ruang)



  1. i dun wan graduate so soon as well...
    but, not choice

  2. ya la...although now bz wif assignment mid-term but the time stil very flexible. if start working already sure very sien liao, start work at 9am end at 5pm. sometimes stil need OT...haih....
    dun wan to work but wan $$$$$$$ lol =D

  3. congrats on graduation..
    i love uni time but i dun wna exam..
    exam is making my life dreadful now..